Life’s Surprises

I have not blogged very much since the pandemic began, I supposed it’s time for some updates.

I started my blog, with the intent that I would document moving to Italy but a lot has changed in the past two years. Two years ago we found out that both of my daughters have a genetic disease from their Mom’s side of the family called CCM or cerebral cavernous malformations. It’s a collection of small blood vessels (lesions) in the central nervous system that is enlarged and irregular in structure. In CCM, the walls of the capillaries are thinner than normal, less elastic, and are likely to leak. My oldest has had spine surgery and brain surgery to remove leaky lesions. My youngest has multiple lesions but no symptoms thus far. Needless to say, I’m no longer planning a move to Italy because I’m need to be able get home within a day, should there be a medical emergency.

In other news, I’m still training for a Spartan Race, cancelled once then delayed due to the pandemic. Looks like it’s finally going to happen August 22nd in Monterey California! I’ve been training at a Ninja Warrior gym, learning how to do all kinds of crazy stuff. I drastically increased my mobility and balance and the skills I’m learning should improve my health span and quality of life as I age.

My most exciting update, is that I recently met a Filipina on a dating site named “Boo”, that matches based on the Myers Briggs personality test…INTJ, INTP, etc. This was a total surprise as I had previously not connected with anyone I met on other dating sites. Her name is Gloria and we really seem to connect and we plan to meet in Kyoto Japan, whenever they open their borders for tourists. This was completely out of the blue and unexpected but that’s what makes life exciting. What a surprise!

Until next time!


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