And Just Like That, I was 60 Years Old!

60 years, that’s halfway home if I’m fortunate enough to being avoid being murdered or becoming an accident victim.

I’m holding up well, not on any medications and every important marker such as BP, VRH, RHR, V02Max, Testosterone, Muscle Mass, Bone Density and Lipids are elite for my age.

Everyone hopes to get to their golden years with their health and the means to do the things they’ve dreamed about.

I never imagined that I would be flying solo at this point in my life but life never goes according to script. It’s good to be flexible, adaptable and teachable.

I’m not sure where home base will be when I retire, it could be stateside or perhaps somewhere along the Mediterranean.

My preference is to be riding tandem, exploring life, old book stores and vintage wineries.

And that’s okay because life is full of rewrites!

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