What Are Signs That Your Physical Fitness Needs to be Evaluated?

Today, the majority of Americans get little physical exercise and as such, have lost the mind to body connections that we once had. It’s hard to diagnose a problem when you are blind to the problem.

Here are three symptoms that we could be blind to and merit getting checked out, especially if you are over 40.

1) Diminishing grip strength. If you find that your grip is weakening, this could be pointing to pre-diabetes, type II diabetics or cardiovascular issues.

2) Sudden decreasing walking speed. If for no apparent reason, you find your normal walking pace slowing down, it’s time for a physical.

3) Decreasing muscular strength and or loss of lean muscle mass. If you’re feeling week and your limbs are getting thin, time to call your doctor.

“You really don’t know someone until you say “no” to them.”

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