10 Days Out

This morning’s weigh in was my lowest yet at 157.5 pounds! I still don’t know what my optimum stage weight should be since I’ve never been there. Life will change after the contest as I will switch from cutting mode to maintenance mode and believe me, it’s much easier to maintain your body’s composition than it is to lose fat and gain muscle. I may be tempted to enter a NPC show October 27th in Albuquerque, just because they have an over 50 class in Classic Physique (my OPC contest only has over 40). One advantage of being lean and muscular year round is being in shape for anything I want to do!My next two priorities will be to publish my first novel by the end of 2018 and to start learning Italian. I haven’t written about these two new adventures because I’ve had to be single minded during this contest prep. Stay tuned for more!Two things: 1) Discipline equals freedom!2) There is no such thing as the perfect time so quit waiting and go for it!

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