33 Days Out

Down to 161.29 lb, losing about one pound a week. My focus now is on posing, sleep and not getting hurt. Do I think about quitting? Yes, I want to quit everyday but I have never been a quitter so I press on! When I ordered my spray tan, I also ordered socks, flip flops and a robe. She emailed be back and to let me know that I would only need a single sock unless I have two penises, lol. The sock is to cover my “stuff” during the spay tan, now that cracked me up😂😂! I am finding that functioning on less than 1,800 calories, lifting intensely and doing daily cardio is very hard, both mentally and physically, so it’s one day at a time.

“Sometimes you don’t want to look forward or look back, you just want to be.” ~ Al

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