The Girl with Emerald Eyes (a very short story)

The evacuation sirens began at dawn, grabbing my ready bag I head for the river and jump into my canoe. Time has run out for this world, anyone who remains will soon be washed away.

The river is running high and fast but is relatively empty and devoid of vessels. My warnings had mostly been ignored, like Noah I had been laughed at and mocked. No one sensed any urgency.

Navigating around the bend I see her, the girl with the emerald eyes and she is waving for me to stop. We know each other but do not. I knew her in the past and I’ll know her in the future but I don’t know her in the present.

“James, James” she yells. So she knows my name but her name escapes me, she is so familiar yet such a stranger. “Quick, get in, we don’t have much time” I scream above the raging river. “Time has run out for this world, I’ve been tracking it for years. The only escape in through the mouth of the river, where she empties into another world.”

The Girl with the Emerald Eyes stands with one foot in the water and her other foot on land and replies, “I want to go with you but for now I am anchored here. I’ve known you before and I’ll know you again.” With that she bends down and pushes my canoe into the current and downstream I go.

That’s when I wake up, such a lucid dream.

“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”

~ Maya Angelou

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