What’s Next?

I’ve had sometime this week to reflect on competing in a physique contest and where to go from here. At present, I’m feeling pretty good, eating about 200 more calories a day and as far as training, it’s been a light week. I am not reverse dieting because I have no intention of bulking up, instead I am hanging out around 156 and establishing that weight as my new fat settling point. I will spend about six weeks powerlifting before going back to a hypertrophy and mobility routine. I will then get down to about 150 pounds and that will be my year round weight.

Next week I hope to have my first meal out, I’m thinking Greek food and wine with a good friend who also appreciates fine dining! I seem to have totally lost my taste for junk food, I’m not sure that my body could even process that crap anymore!

My sister and her husband are doing a 14 Day Baltic cruise out of London next year and they want me to join them. It’s sounds fun but they are going with another couple and I would be the odd one by myself.

I am planning a full month in Europe in 2020, doing a few days in Krakow, Poland to see where my Grandfather grew up and visit Auschwitz as well. I hope to go through Croatia and spend a couple of days there before moving on to Italy where I’ll rent an AirB&B for three weeks. I’ve done my share of cruises but nowadays the thought of being on a floating shopping mall with 4,000 tourists is not my idea of fun.

I guess that my idea of fun is village life in Italy. Picking up fresh food from the local market and cooking it myself. Evening walks on the beach then popping into a local eatery for wine 🍷 and food. In the mornings, I’ll be working on my book and enjoying a cappuccino and scone.

Hurry up and get here 2020!

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