The Day After

Much to my surprise I placed 3rd and walked away with a trophy! Also much to my surprise, I enjoyed being on stage, I had not expected that. I did mess up on my quarter turns, lost points for that however I nailed the mandatories and my routine. Physique wise, my abs, lower chest and quads should of been leaner and I probably spilled over with my carbs and lost some vascularity. I did not need the judges to tell me that I should of been leaner, I knew this heading in and was determined to have confidence and stage presence and the edge that goes with that.

At this point, it’s to early to say whether I will compete again but I am definitely going to continue to improve my physique. My heart wanted to get back to the gym today but my body is exhausted and I’m sore all over from holding poses. Taking a few days of from the gym and will go back to eating at maintenance.

Older folks like myself require strength training to maintain their type II fast twitch muscle fibers, so I always power lift a couple of cycles a year and so I’ll be doing 5x5s consisting of squats, deadlifts, bench presses and standing over head presses for six weeks before returning to hypertrophy (bodybuilding).

Mentally and emotionally I feel pretty spent right now but will soon be transitioning my mindset and focus from competitive training to writing fiction and learning Italian!

“May the 2nd half of 2018 be the plot twist you’ve been waiting for!”

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