Made the Switch to Barefoot Style Shoes!

One of the most exciting things I’ve done on my fitness journey was switching from traditional running shoes to barefoot style shoes. My Ninja/Parkour coach, @parkour_ninja975 suggested flat barefoot shoes, that they would help me with balance and make my jumps and landing more natural. I did some research and ordered the Xero Prio!

Wow, they were different and had immediate positive results on the balance beams. They felt so good, I didn’t want to wear anything else, I ordered another pair. I average 12,000 steps a day and for the first couple of days my feet were a tad sore, but it was a good sore….

My feet and lower calves are gaining strength and now I’m using my Zero’s in my 100-meter sprints. My daughter commented “Dad, it’s odd to see a 63-year-old man not wearing New Balance”, I replied “it’s odd to see a 63-year-old man doing Ninja Warrior and Parkour.

Movement is medicine.